Things to Look for When Comparing Branding Alternatives

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January 22, 2024
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At the start of the year, Middlestate's visionary founder, Tom Price, was bestowed with a prestigious opportunity - a year-long fellowship with Jobs for the Future's (JFF) Workforce Transformation Corps (WTC). This fellowship presented a chance to contribute to the creation of future-ready workforce development boards by fostering empathy and centering the experiences of individuals navigating the public workforce system. Through community-driven innovation and a strong focus on equity, the WTC Fellowship has already ignited a profound transformation in Middlestate's outlook and potential impact on the community.

Discovering the Power of Empathy

From the outset of the fellowship, the emphasis on empathy in the organizational posture struck a chord with Tom and the entire Middlestate team. Recognizing the significance of understanding the needs and aspirations of individuals in the public workforce system, they embarked on a journey of discovery. Immersed in user research, interviews, and community engagement, Tom and his team learned first-hand about the challenges and opportunities faced by their target audience.

The fellowship has shed light on the stories and struggles of those seeking workforce development services. This newfound empathy has not only deepened Middlestate's understanding of its community but has also sparked a sense of purpose and determination to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those they serve.

Embracing a Community-Driven Approach

The Workforce Transformation Corps Fellowship advocates for community-driven approaches to address the complexities of workforce ecosystems. Inspired by this principle, Middlestate has actively involved community members and stakeholders in the design and decision-making processes. By including diverse perspectives and co-creating solutions, the company aims to ensure that their initiatives resonate with the very people they seek to empower.

Through workshops, focus groups, and collaborative brainstorming sessions, Middlestate has tapped into the collective wisdom of its community, yielding a plethora of innovative ideas and solutions. This inclusive approach has not only fostered a sense of ownership among community members but has also enriched the outcomes by making them more relevant and effective.

Reimagining Middlestate's Impact

As the fellowship journey unfolds, Middlestate has undergone a remarkable transformation. The experience has led the company to question its existing practices and reimagine its role in the community. Armed with insights gained from the fellowship, Middlestate envisions a more impactful and purpose-driven future.

Tom and his team are committed to designing programs and services that go beyond the traditional bounds of workforce development. They seek to create holistic solutions that address the broader needs of individuals, empowering them not only with job skills but also with the confidence and support necessary to thrive in their careers and lives.

A Roadmap for the Future

The Workforce Transformation Corps Fellowship has provided Middlestate with a valuable roadmap for the future. By prioritizing empathy, inclusivity, and community-driven innovation, the company is poised to become a true catalyst for positive change in the workforce development space.

As the fellowship progresses, Middlestate is excited to leverage the lessons learned and the relationships forged to build a workforce ecosystem that uplifts individuals, promotes equity, and lays the foundation for a future-ready community.


Middlestate's journey with the Workforce Transformation Corps Fellowship has been a transformative one. By embracing empathy and a community-driven approach, the company has redefined its purpose and potential impact in the workforce development landscape. Tom Price and his team are committed to utilizing their newfound insights to create innovative solutions that empower individuals to thrive in their careers and lives.

As Middlestate continues its fellowship journey, it stands as a beacon of inspiration for other organizations, demonstrating the immense power of putting people at the center of workforce development initiatives. Through empathy and inclusivity, a brighter and more equitable future awaits both Middlestate and the communities it serves.


Jakob Grønberg

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