The Middle Matters

We believe in the connective power of solving problems from the middle. Where inclusion, collaboration and human experience unearth opportunities for real change.
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What we do

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We use human-centered design methods to collaborate with agencies and businesses in order to achieve clarity and drive innovation.


Middlestate's collaborative innovation model helps us rapidly explore and understand the implications of emerging technology.


We facilitate large and small gatherings aimed at creating alignment, shared experiences and innovative ideas.


We work with educators, agencies and nonprofit organizations to bring human-centered design principles into classrooms and board rooms.
How we work

Co-create solutions through community and peer engagement

We dive right into the middle of design challenges, connecting to community, stakeholders to deeply understand first hand the problems to be solved.

Our Values


People first

We believe that understanding the unique needs, desires, and challenges of individuals is fundamental to creating transformative solutions that truly enrich lives. By prioritizing empathy, inclusivity, and active engagement with users, we gain invaluable insights that drive our design process.


We understand that behind every successful venture and impactful solution lies a network of interconnected individuals, each contributing their unique perspectives, expertise, and experiences. Through fostering inclusive and collaborative environments, we embrace the diversity of ideas that emerge from collective minds.


By placing human needs, emotions, and aspirations at the forefront of our design process, we leverage cutting-edge technologies to craft solutions that not only address real-world challenges but also elevate the way individuals interact with the world around them.

Designing a better future starts with a SIMPLE question

How might we help you or your organization innovate, drive change or improve how you do what you do?
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