Western Milling's Agribusiness 

Building revamped identity around the agribusiness team's new innovative position in commodity marketing

The Challenge

When the new thing, is a big thing

In 2019, Western Milling Agribusiness, an established supplier of seed and soil ammendments made a significant transition to their business. 

Recognizing the significant challenges around delivering liquid fertilizer to California's farmers they turned to innovation to find a competitive advantage. A longtime user of rail for transporation of commodities, Western Milling's agribusiness team created a path to rail US-made fertilizer directly to a facility in Hanford. 

The big step came in creating a fully-automated facility to deliver the fertilizer and custom mixes directly to delivery trucks without a single person manning the facility. 

Western Milling Agribusiness worked with Middlestate to create the narrative, identity and communication strategy around this monumental achievement. 

About Western Milling Agribusiness

Western Milling Agribusiness is a diverse collection of agricultural experts that utilize their collective knowledge to deliver solutions in seed, soil amendments, and fertilizer. With decades of experience walking farms large and small, we help farmers make impactful decisions for their business.


A new identity

Middlestate with partners at Western Milling Agribusiness started this project by creating a business narrative for the division. 

Over the course of 2-3 years WMA rapidly developed from a simple seed and soil amendment provider to local ag retailers to becoming a product owner and distributor. At the forefront of that change was the development of the Hanford Agronomy Hub for fertilizer.

Through interviews and market research Middlestate created an 18 page document serves as the foundation for their new identity as a leader in the commodity ecosystem, creates langauge around their ambitions and illustrates, through visuals, their competitive edge. 


A refreshed visual presence

Along with all the internal change, we created a external upgrade as well for WMA. We simplified their design system and built out a clean approach to their 

In addition, we photographed new visuals of the hanford fertilizer facility, seed fields and gypsum facilities. 

As a company, Western Milling Agriculture, was reimagining how they provide value to California farmers and we wanted to tell there story with simplicy and dynamic visuals. 

pageshot of Marketing Email HubSpot @ 2022-05-24-114141

Learn as you go

WMA was a company with a very analog approach to marketing. It was phone calls, notepads and handshake deals. 

In 2021, we partnered with them to help implement the HubSpot CMS for marketing and sales. The outcome is digital marketing backed by data and true sales pipelines to be managed, tracked and collaborated on by their dynamic sales team. 

In merging data with their marketing communications it has created a unified front externally as they tell the next great chapter in their company.