Rebranding an ol' favorite for Western Milling

Goshen based Western Milling, one of the world’s largest grain and milling operations, had a challenge in 2018. One of the flagship products of their growing retail business — Showstring Feed — needed a facelift. The high quality feed didn’t match the dated and packaging and was doing little to keep pace with the visibility of competitors on the shelves.

Western Milling hired Middlestate to complete a rebrand of their product brand and packaging. Completion of competitive analysis and interviews with feed store managers and Western Milling staff revealed insights that became critical to the development of the new packaging.

The packaging kept the original color palette of the bags after understanding the consumers relationship to the product was largely “I will take the purple Showstiring.” Or “Give the green lamp Showstring.”

The packaging was printed designed with flat artwork and printed on matte paper which drastically set it apart from the glossy and overly spectacular bags of their competitors.

The product hit shelves in the final quarter of 2018.

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