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Designing new data insights, communication and sharing tools for dairies

With an ever-growing amount of competition on freezer shelves from dairy replacements like almond and soy milk, new consumer pressures for transparency and an increased scrutiny on environmental impact, dairy heavyweights have made innovation a high priority.

To reimagine the way the dairy supply chain collects and shares data, dairy leaders VAS, Lely, Land O’Lakes and Antelliq hired Middlestate to design and prototype a next-generation dairy platform that captures critical actions the farm.

Working closely with VAS developers, and leveraging data capabilities of each partner organization, our design team created a prototype application that allowed for improved on-farm insights, the ability to share that data along with communication and take management tools.

The prototype and the joint project was unveiled at the 2018 Connect Summit in Beaver Creek Colorado. The proof of concept unveiled at that event and since iterated on has led to an ongoing cooperation between the partner organizations.

“The Dairy industry needs to embrace radical transparency,” says Tim Taylor, CEO of VAS. “There is a need for using innovation and data to make your dairies come alive. Radical transparency is you controlling your story and sharing the story of the amazing things you are doing.”

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