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Creating the idenity of VAS' inaugural Connect Summit in Beaver Creek, CO

Within weeks of taking the reins as CEO of VAS, Tim Taylor made a statement. He said within the first year of his tenure they would launch their inaugural users summit. A massive undertaking especially considering the already daunting changes at the organization.

VAS hired Middlestate along with a host of creative collaborators to create a brand and experience unrivaled in the circuit of dairy industry events. The result was a three day dairy technology summit in the mountain resort town of Beaver Creek, CO called the Connect Summit.

Middlestate, along with our colleagues at Elastik, developed a agile identity system, created environmental designs deployed throughout the resort, designed enormous digital presentations on the state-of-the-art 70-ft video wall designed an immersive experience throughout the conference.

The sold out event was success by all measures, and we are currently preparing our return to Beaver Creek for a second year in June.

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