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People Matter Most

There are a lot of factors that go into earning customers' trust; we believe the biggest is just how well you listen.

Solve the Right Problem Not Any Problem

It seems we live in a world that hurls new challenges at us daily. How do you know what to take on first?

Intention > Attention

It's not enough to see something and say something. Real impact happens when you take action with purpose.

We will also cover

Your brand has personality just like you and me.

Defining your traits can go a long way to creating brand alignment. Are you a hero, a jester or a scientist? What character are you?

Good designers are like journalists — curious, patient and willing to listen.

Learn how we attack design challenges by starting with our eyes and ears to gain crucial insights that support our decision making.

Take the time to frame your challenge.

We will walk you through the five questions we ask every time we take on a new challenge. Once you do this, you will want to do it for all challenges in your life. 

More is rarely the right answer.

Clarity is essential to any good solution. Good designers make things that work, great ones make things that work while burning the fewest resources, streamlining workflows and maximizing impact. We will offer some tips on thinking holistically about your work product.

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Katherine Smith

Host / Design Researcher


Tom Price

Designer / Founder


Kurtis McDonald

Sr. Digital Strategist