Vyla's Ascend, the platform to connect an industry

How the launch of a single transformed Kruse the distribution company forever. 

The Challenge

Vyla's Ascend Platform

Vyla approached Middlestate about creating the concept and initial prototypes for a mobile application that would be the foundation for their supply-chain reaching platform. 

The mobile app was to be both a tactical ally for decision makers on the farm and a manager’s homebase for capturing tasks and processes.

The app was supposed to create new views of dairy operations and makes it simple to share with teams, partners or vendors.

About Vyla

Part data platform and part catalyst for a transformative dairy movement, Vyla is the thread that connects the farm, the supply chain and the consumer in the interest of elevating the industry.

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Modern, global design system

The Vyla vision for Ascend is to create a single platform that reaches across the entire dairy supply chain to extract, share and connect key insights to help each participant make decisions that will elevate the industry. 

In addition to turning to Middlestate and their design partners Elastik to create the brand, they also tapped our team to design the initial concept for the mobile app that would launch to farms and the global design system that would serve as the unifying visual experience across multiple application types across the platform. 


A mobile-first approach to the farm

The Ascend Platform started on the farm with the challenge of creating a mobile application that would be the command center for dairyman and their suppliers.  

Our team spent more than 8 months interviewing farmers, prototyping concepts and testing with users before arriving at the base requirements for an app that would convince farmers to participate. 

Our initial concept and high-fidelity prototype created in Figma had three key features that were designed directly from insights from the farmers. 

  • Modular and easy-to-read and real-time data 
  • All data points, notes and alerts were shareable
  • Built-in communication, tasking and KPI monitoring


Collaboration makes ambitious project a reality

Middlestate handed off the full design and development work of the Ascend application to collaborators Octobot. 

Their robust and talented team took the concepts, prototypes and insights we had built and created the application that today rests on dozens of farms and contains data associated to more than 70,000 cows. 


The launch

We worked with our friends at PKA Marketing who executed a large-scale live webinar event to announce the official launch of the application.