Launching Kruse's signature brand

How the launch of a single transformed Kruse the distribution company forever. 

The Challenge

Kruse's Perfection Brand

Kruse knew how to make quality feed, but they didn't know have a signature brand to call their own. 

They collaborated with Middlestate to create a multi-species brand with the Kruse name and legacy that would change the face of a company yet to be discovered on the national stage. 

We asked, "How might we create a brand and design system that will allow Kruse products to compete on the shelves of mom and pop feed stores, Wal-Mart's and digitally on the likes of

About Kruse

Kruse built their reputation by crafting the best possible feed for their customers. They listen, learn and deliver because their team is part of your community. They are at the fairs, they ride horses, they pour everything they have into their pet food formulas because they love the animals in our life the same as you do.

In 1935, their founder Otto Kruse purchased F.F. Booker Wholesale Hay and Grain and renamed it OH Kruse Grain and Milling. Otto’s philosophy — “Know the customer and strive for their success.” — is still the North Star for the company. 

Kruse_Perf_SuperChick_40lb_Final_OL (1)

A design grounded in heritage

If you look at a Kruse’s Perfection Brand feed bag, everything from the colors, font, and illustrations tell Kruse’s compelling story. There’s a sense of heritage. The bag’s sensibility skews charmingly retro and of-the-moment. Since it's inception in 2019, it's achieved a rare feat in the animal feed space, it has captured shoppers both off the shelf and in the mega digital feed store — Chewy. 

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One brand to rule them all

With a clear packaging design system and quick adoption into national retail and digital stores, Kruse's Perfection Brand became one of the largest multi-species small animal brands on the market. in 2021 and 2022, Kruse's Perfection Brand was shipped to every state in the contintental US.


The move to digital

The launch of Kruse's Perfection Brand marked a pivotal point in the development of the company as a brand owner. Guided by Middlestate's design, development and implementation teams, Kruse invested in a digital foundation that included a new product-centered website and backend support from HubSpot. 

The move to digital didn't stop there, as Kruse took the product to Chewy's enormous digtital storefront where the product has gained adoption everywhere. 

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