Meet Middlestate

The Team.

Ryan and Tom are both Visalia natives whose careers took them away from Central California but their love for the Valley brought them back. They've forged a strategic partnership with Netherlands-based design and strategy firm Elastik to bring world-class design, product development and strategy to the MiddleState.

Tom Price

Founder - Director of Design

Ryan Clark

Founder - Director of Technology

Elastik Concepts

Our collaborative partners in the Netherlands

Design with intent

We marry journalistic curiosity and beautiful design to bring rich brand and digital stories to life.


We believe good design becomes great when you take the time to look, listen and learn from the people you are designing for. Empathy, above all else, is our north star.


We believe the best way to learn is by making something. We love prototyping and bringing life to a project as quickly as possible so we can learn as quickly as possible.


We believe the best strategies are backed by data and experience. We are relentless collectors of data who deliver projects with intent.

Our Portfolio Areas

What We Do!

In all of our work we balance feasiblity, viability and desireability and constantly look for the human insights that create breakthroughs. It's this work — not a sudden light bulb — that produces the best ideas.

Branding & Design

We are ultra collaborative team with a passion for making things. Our holistic approach to branding & design results in truly meaningful and beautiful outcomes.

Service Design

By putting people first, we help organizations innovate for and improve their relationships with the communities they serve.

Digital Experience Design

Compelling design is not exclusive to what is visible. Our interactive solutions always involve a massive effort behind the scenes to build complex backend systems that perform reliably.

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