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The Middle Matters

We help organizations lead with empathy, be fueled by curiosity, and use design to develop their products, services, processes, and strategies.

"Working with MiddleState is an absolute pleasure! Every individual on the team brings a wide range of knowledge and expertise, making them widely diverse and capable."
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The humanity of your brand

Our character studies with clients unearth their businesses' core values and motivations, empowering future branding direction and internal confidence about future decision-making.

Looking within for inspiration

Like health and beauty, we know the inside is just as important as the outside. We’ll administer a diagnostic exercise — a practice of no-fuss surveys and interviews — with your workplace to determine whether your current environment mirrors your aspirational brand characteristics.

Is your brand connecting?

Reputation matters. We offer external diagnostics to review where your business thrives with client/consumer relationships and where there’s room for growth.

Your Brand Narrative

Nothing is more powerful than a story — especially for word-of-mouth business reviews. We help compile and take the temperature of your circulating stories, giving you the power to understand your dominant narratives.
Come join us and help us grow and get great together.